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Helping your company build better culture over coffee and tea.

Research has proven that informal, serendipitous interaction inside the office improves productivity and fosters innovation.

Bloom came to life out of a workplace just like yours.

We met at a startup in SF, where we sat in front of computers everyday. We missed the socializing and spontaneous conversations that happened at previous workplaces like Google and Zynga.

To spice things up and quench a mad thirst for delicious coffee, we created a coffee corner in our office. Soon, we were brewing fresh coffee everyday with our coworkers. We knew more about who we were working with plus what they were working on.

The coffee culture we built not only made us more effective at our jobs, but made everyone's days more enjoyable.

There was obviously something about coffee breaks that inherently facilitated communication.

How it works

Coffee: Local, fresh, delivered

Every week we deliver fresh beans from some of the best local roasters right to your office. We rotate your coffees to keep things interesting. And yes, we've got decaf.

The best equipment for every office

No matter how big or small, we've got the highest quality equipment for your office. This will be the best coffee you've ever had at work. But don't think that means you need to be a barista - it's not rocket science. Espresso? We got that too.

You'll be a coffee hero, and Bloom's got your back

You and your team will brew the best possible cup everyday with the expert hands-on training you'll receive. Plus we've got you covered with regular maintenance, service, and cleaning.

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